The Big C Strikes Again!

No, not me, thank goodness. But another friend had surgery yesterday for colon cancer. His prognosis is good, and more importantly, so is his attitude.

imagesStrangely, he seemed happy after his diagnosis, almost giddy. When I asked him why, he said it’s because “I can finally say what I think!”

AMEN to that! It’s too bad that far too many good people are afraid to say what they think, leaving it up to the morons who should have kept quiet in the first place. Yes, I said that. The Glenn Becks and Ted Cruz’s of the world seem to have a tight fist on the megaphone, drowning out the more reasonable, sane, and informed voices.

This morning in the local paper there was a story about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee wanting to raise rates by almost 20%. The comments were full of anti-Obama screed, as are most comments in this very red state. But sorry, being the unabashed liberal that I am, I’d rather at least have the option to even GET insurance. (Most likely, the fact that our governor hasn’t seen fit to expand Medicare here has caused a part of this price increase.)

Until the Affordable Care Act, people like me were either stuck in our jobs in order to get health insurance, IF it were offered, or we were completely out in the cold and either went into bankruptcy to pay medical bills, or simply died from lack of care. When the Supreme Court, on one of their more lucid days, upheld the ACA, I jumped for joy, knowing that I and thousands more like me could one day leave our jobs and buy our own insurance.

Not that insurance is perfect. One of my doctors has been fighting with Big Blue for over a month over a test she thinks I need, and they don’t want to pay for. Not the first time, not the last, but why should the insurance company get to make that call? This ‘death panel’ was already well in place before President Obama, and it will continue after he’s gone until we change our entire health care system.

So, back to my friend. With his positive attitude, I’m sure he will do well. I look forward to hearing what he thinks in the days and weeks to come. That’s the end of my short little rant.

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