Thank You, Texas Rangers!

Texas is getting a bad rap from its political messes lately, as well it should. But that discussion for another time and place. Today, I’m happy to be in Texas and all is well.

flat tireI’ve never been happier to have a flat tire. I was on my way from Nashville to Dallas yesterday, usually an 11 hour trip. Long, tiring, hot, lots of semis on the road – the usual interstate traffic. Somewhere between Little Rock and Hot Springs, I noticed a piece of metal that got thrown out from under the car. Small and shiny. And I remember thinking, “I hope that didn’t do any damage.”

Well, apparently it did, but I didn’t notice it until just outside of Mt. Pleasant, Texas, more than a hundred miles and one gas stop later. I was just tooling along with traffic, which in Texas is between 80 and 90, in a group of other cars, and just as I crested the hill I noticed a patrol car about a mile down the road in the median. I’ve already got a ticket on my books, but it’s almost 3 years old – I didn’t want another one. (Just a note of caution to my audience – If you drive to Florida through Alabama, DON’T. Just DON’T.)

I noticed the patrol car pulling out as our group of cars passed, and I started saying some very interesting prayers. But at least this guy wasn’t hauling a** like most patrol cars do when they want to go after a speeder. He slowly made is way up to us, and was just about to pass me when he slowed down, pulled behind me, and turned on the lights.

Oh crap. (Well, that wasn’t really what I said, but you get the idea.)

I pull over, he pulls over.

“Ma’am, did you know you had a flat tire? It’s just about to come off the rim.”

Waves of relief washed over me, as well as dust and dirt from the mower in the median that was blowing my way.

Texas RangersThese guys were Texas Rangers, a rudiment of the days of the Republic of Texas. They changed my tire for me, called to help find a tire place in Mt. Pleasant, and let me go in peace, even though I had an Obama sticker on my car. No word about speeding.

So, thank you, Texas Rangers! Also, thanks to Jason at Quick Lane Tire at Elliott Ford Lincoln Mercury (903-434-4949), who helped me locate a tire, and also the guys at Mt. Pleasant Tire (903-577-1818), who changed my tire. I was back on the road, and in Dallas only about an hour later than planned. No thanks to the guy mowing the median.

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