Thank you for joining me!

Kristi Seehafer

Actually, don’t thank me, thank yourself for taking the first step to a better life! You’ve found a home! Cancer survivors have all been through the fire. When we come out the other side, we want our lives to be better. We find out that our lives have been too stressful. I’ll bet your doctor told you, as did mine, that stress messes with your immune system, and without a strong immune system, there might be a recurrence of the Big C.

You don’t need to live that life anymore. You can have a better life. If you hate your job, you CAN do something about it. Changes in the health care insurance industry are going to make it possible for cancer survivors to get health insurance without being tied to a job that causes continuous stress. We’ve all learned that life can change on a dime, so why not spend your time on this earth doing what you love?

Follow my blog for tips on living your best life possible! I welcome your comments and feedback in order to make this your home as well as mine!

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