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SpamMy blog is entering its third full month! Time sure flies when you doing a million and one things! Learning how to write, how to deal with the internet stuff, learning software, etc., has been quite a trip for someone who was born in the days of record players, transistor radios, and vacuum tube TVs.

But grow I must. Staying in one place is the same as going backwards, especially when it comes to technology.

It seems I’m always one step behind. I just got an iPhone last year, and it’s not the newest model. My car is from 1998. My laptop is 7 years old (a Mac, of course.) So thank goodness for the people who write software – they have to be on the bleeding edge! I have to give a shout out to the people who wrote Akismet.

Akismet is a plugin for WordPress that filters spam comments. It must be a full time job for the programmers to keep up with these spammers, whose creativity in finding new and better ways to irritate me knows no bounds. Because I haven’t generated a lot of human traffic yet, I get mostly spam comments. It’s a very simple matter of deleting with one click. I think I may start saving some of the more interesting ones, just for the humor factor. Here’s a collection from today:

ー ブレスレット[/url] gwp yfhulcwceyu acjpe juzma ngzhn xwael lhles ogpcs,[url=]ダナー[/url] gtohp rxubi xohwy nisloiahdz ywkab ytpfr vauai lssa

Mr. Doorblog was quite busy today; he sent two of these, one no more eloquent than the next. Maybe he really was visiting the gentle congressman in DC, but whatever he’s selling, I’m not buying. He should also seek help for his dyslexia.

Then there’s Ms. HID from some oil company. Her marketing is completely ineffective here in Nashville. She just doesn’t know how to speak Southern:


foglightsGoogle kindly translated it for me, but then I couldn’t figure out if Ms. HID needed a mechanic, a psychiatrist, or a state trooper:

Recently, I was turned into HID fog lights, but I have a question about the vehicle inspection.

But my favorite, for obvious reasons:

Great website. A lot of useful info here. I am sending it to several
pals ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks to
your sweat!

Well how about that! Finally someone who appreciates me! But I had no idea I was sharing my delicious. I know the government spies on me and all, but I didn’t think my delicious was something you could send over the intertubes. I’m also trying not to be offended that he noticed my sweat, but at least he’s thanking me for it. Time to try a stronger antiperspirant, obviously.

Just wasn’t into writing anything too heavy today. I’ll leave you with this, with subtitles for the spammers:


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