No More Big Ugly Boxes!

Summer-Day-at-Calvary-CemeteryIt’s a beautiful Monday morning here – cool, sunny, birds singing. Definitely NOT typical summer weather in Nashville! School has begun and the countdown to the end of my summer break has started.

I’ve spent most of my time off going to doctors of various kinds, trying to get my tendonitis-ridden hand back in playing shape for the fall. Over the years I’ve had small problems on and off, but this time was different. Full blown incapacitation. I haven’t done any yard work, gardening, cooking, needlework, or even bicycling, nothing that puts any strain on my hand. (At least I can type with one hand!)

So what does that leave me? Well, I’ve been spending my time getting some new ventures going in the event that my playing days end. One of my businesses has gotten off to a great start. The other one requires quite a bit of education before I can hit the ground running, so I’ve been watching a lot of online classes and doing a lot of reading.

Big Ugly House

Big Ugly East Nashville House

It’s never too late to learn something new. I’m immersing myself in the world of real estate investing! I love houses. I love OLD houses, which is why I was drawn to East Nashville before it was a hipster’s paradise. What I hate is what is happening all over the country – getting rid of small, quaint starter homes and building massive, ugly boxes. If there is anything I personally can do about it, I will.

Part of the initial phase of any business is developing a plan, a focus, and goals. That’s what I’m spending my time doing. My focus is going to be on helping people who are in danger of losing their homes and on trying to save and rehabilitate older properties. Sure, I could make money hand over fist by building ugly boxes, but it would be at the expense of my soul. The banks have had enough profit off of the little guy!

I also want to give back to this wonderful place I’ve been living in since 1998. There is so much need in East Nashville, and I feel strongly that a portion of the money I make must go to make the lives of East Nashvillians better. The exact form this will take is TBD, but it’s part of the plan for sure.

So all the things I’ve learned up to now – all the networking skills, internet skills, blogging, financial stuff – all of it can be incorporated into this business. Even better is that I’ll have mentors to help me, so there is no way I CAN’T be successful. There is a reason I survived stage 4 cancer, and I am driven to leave a lasting mark on the world. My life will not be complete until I know that I have left the world a better place because of my efforts.

So watch out, you big ugly box builders!


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