Monday Madness: Violinist/Acrobat?

It’s one thing to be able to play the Tchaikovsky violin concerto. But THIS??

We performed with Cirque Musica last week, and it was simply amazing. Unfortunately, our hall wasn’t designed for sets or rigging, so she couldn’t do this particular trick. When I talked to Kathleen Sloan after the show, she told me that she was so happy to be on the ground! When she first did this act, she had ONE DAY to learn how to stand on the wire. As she writes,

“Noose around the neck to keep the violin from falling. Bow handcuffed to the wrist. Wearing a harness so tight it makes my legs go numb. Playing Tchaik 20 Feet up in the air. Craziness:)”

Auditions for orchestra jobs are competitive enough; let’s just hope conductors don’t get the idea to start requiring this!

Happy Memorial Day, y’all!




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