Mind Over Matter

HappinessI am absolutely convinced that my state of mind during my cancer treatment played a major part in my recovery from Stage 4 breast cancer. I’ve always been rather ‘new-agey’ in my belief that I really can direct the outcome of my life with my thoughts and feelings. Of course the various treatments helped, but the bottom line was that I always believed that I would get better.

And as I’ve said before, this was not a Pollyanna-type sense of looking at everything through rose-colored glasses. This was DECIDING that I could choose how I reacted to the situations I found myself in. This philosophy is something that I try to carry over in all areas of my life. I don’t like to quote Henry Ford, but it’s apt here, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” As Martha Beck writes,

Solving a knotty problem can help us be happy, but we don’t have to be happy to feel good. If that sounds crazy, try this: Focus on something that makes you miserable. Then think, “I must stay happy!” Stressful, isn’t it? Now say, “It’s okay to be as sad as I need to be.” This kind of permission to feel as we feel — not continuous happiness — is the foundation of well-being.

You can’t know what happiness is unless you know all of the other emotions. But too many people don’t know what happiness is, because they think it’s having money, or success, or any number of other doodads that they think equals ‘happiness.’

be happyThat’s why I want to tell you about this new website. It’s called LiveHappy. The concept is that you can simply spread happiness, and it’s totally free! There will be a magazine coming in November that will feature all sorts of tips on how to improve your life and your happiness. The first cover will feature Ron Howard, who has certainly had quite a life in front and behind the cameras. This is a website that will help you get your priorities straight and find out what it really means to be happy.

MyLiveHappy.com is the brainchild of Jeff Olson, Shawn Achor, and others. Their philosophy is that happiness precedes success, and that you can choose to be happy. With this website, we can be “Happiness Ambassadors” and we can see how far our happiness can spread. And as I said, it’s totally free. The site is full of positive, uplifting stories which can help you create a completely different mindset than if you start your day watching the news.

I once worked with a lovable but crusty guy who kept telling people that he would be dead by 60. There was nothing wrong with him when I met him, but when he was 59 he was diagnosed with cancer. He was dead by 60.

Words matter. Thoughts matter. CHOOSE to be happy today.

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  1. I had no idea what you had been through. Your courage and attitude are amazing. Damn good fiddle player too.

    It could happen to any of us.

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