I’m certifiably nuts…or am I?

Well, I really stepped in it this time. My friend Paula is someone I really admire. She travels just about whenever she wants to, and is very successful in her business. She also runs, and we’ve talked a lot about traveling to destination events. We’ve just never done it, mostly because of my work schedule.

Working almost every weekend makes it very difficult to travel somewhere to do an athletic event of any kind. Hell, just doing one at home is hard enough when you have to get up at 5 after working until midnight. But I stumbled upon a couple of events while searching the marathon calendar the other night that really intrigued me.


The first event is the Savage Seven, seven marathons in seven days, and it’s in Florida between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The second, produced by the same guy, is the New England Challenge. It’s next May, and it’s 5 runs (full or half marathons) in 5 days in 5 different states. Yeah, it’s not everyone’s idea of fun, but no one on earth could possibly accuse me of being just anyone.

So I have a couple of crazy friends who I thought might be willing to go with me. One is Paula, and the other running friend is Kim. I got an e-mail back from Kim fairly quickly, saying that she thought it would be fun to run in Florida, and we could even stay at her grandmother’s house.

Paula, however, took it to the next level.  I got this e-mail the other day:

I just finished registering for all five half marathons in the New England Challenge!! Maybe I’m crazy…Let me know which ones you want to do!!!

When I got Paula’s reply, I certainly thought she was crazy. I was just thinking of perhaps doing one run, and that it would be a full marathon. But then I got to thinking. By that time, I’ll be cancer-free for 5 years. What better way to celebrate 5 years of health than by doing something crazy like 5 half marathons in 5 days in 5 states? (Followed perhaps by 5 really good meals?)


So there ya go. I’m on the hook. It’s about 100 miles between the first four, so it will be a lot of running and a lot of driving. I haven’t spent much time in New England, and I guess I still won’t be doing a lot of sight seeing, but I’ll certainly see a lot of sights!

How on earth does one prepare for that kind of thing? I’ve heard about people doing this, but I haven’t been one of them. Dean Karnazas is a top-form crazy man, completing 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days, without dying I might add. It looks like I’ll have to really up my game. Right now I’ve been walking/running about 65 miles per month. I’m going to get that closer to 100 on a consistent basis.Yeah, it’s not the 100+ miles PER WEEK that people like Karnazas do, but for a middle-aged cancer survivor, it’s pretty damned good. That is doable for me. I’ll have to add in some stretching and strength work as well – those are always the first things I blow off when there is a time crunch. I’m just going to have to be more organized, AND I’m going to have to stick to my diet.

And I’d better get some new shoes.

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