How Is Life Like A Game of FreeCell Solitaire?

mzl.xnkbhlywI’ve become addicted to FreeCell Solitaire. I love ending the day with some quiet mind exercise. In FreeCell, all the cards are up, but in order to win you have to move all the cards to the Ace pile starting with only 4 “free”, or open, cells. After that it’s quite similar to regular solitaire. My best time is just over 2 minutes, but now I’m focusing on my “run”. My best run had been 15 games, but now I’m up to 22 and still going.

That got me thinking, or I should say it got me thinking about my thinking. I began to wonder if it is possible to win every game. In the past, I’d given up on some games rather quickly due to my impatience. But now I’ve changed my thinking to, “Yes, it’s possible to win every game.” And I’m up to 22 games. It takes longer, but it’s a great challenge.

Do you see the parallel here? What you believe you really can achieve. Sounds trite, I know, but it’s worked too many times for me. I’m not the most talented violinist in the world, but I got a job in spite of the odds against me. Stage 4 cancer? Meh, let’s just get on with treatment so I can be well again. What’s the next challenge?

The other parallel between free-cell and life is that you CAN start over. I’ve had to backtrack many times to win some games, and there have been plenty of times in life when I’ve had to start over. But if you fail, just get up and start over. Yes, it is that easy, and when I hear people give me all kinds of excuses, I know that they have lost the game, even if they were dealt some great cards.

How are you playing your cards?

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