Hey, Cancer, WTF???

What is it with cancer? Why does just about everybody seem to be getting it these days?

no more cancer


Another friend of mine just had surgery this week for a “pre-cancerous lump.” Great. The surgery turned out well, with no surprises. But for that bit of angry cells, she STILL had to go through a lumpectomy and will have to undergo the whole radiation bit.

I’m very glad for her that it was caught early. She’s got a family history of the Big C, and two little girls to raise. Her husband had thyroid cancer. Her sister died from ovarian cancer. Let me just think here a bit. Personally, I know three people who had lymphoma, one who died. One with leukemia. Multiple women who had breast cancer of various types. Men with prostate cancer. Skin cancers galore.

Of course modern medicine is finding more cancers earlier than ever. And we are living longer, so there is more chance of our cells going haywire.

But seriously, W.T.F.?????

My mother has never had a mammogram, and she’s almost 91. But then she was raised on a farm eating naturally grown food. She never pumped her own gas until just before my dad died in 2005. Lived her whole life in a small town, so she wasn’t exposed to the types of pollution I was. My home tested positive for radon. I’ve pumped gas since I was a teenager. I’ve certainly eaten my share of processed food.

It was two years ago that I finished chemo for stage 4 breast cancer. I don’t plan to do that ever again! I feel great! I try to keep my immune system strong, because I am thoroughly convinced that cancer is a disease of the immune system. Everyone has cancer cells in their body, but if your immune system isn’t strong, then those C’s get well out of control. Treatments are better than ever, and I’m living proof of that.

But why the EFF can’t medical science find a cure? Do they even WANT to find a way to stop this disease, or are the researchers all in the pockets of the drug companies? Recently, there have been shortages of ¬†very common and very necessary chemo drugs.

Here’s the money quote:

About two-thirds of drug shortages in recent years were related to quality problems that led manufacturers to stop production, said Margaret Hamburg, commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, in an April interview with USA TODAY’s editorial board.

Some of the “very real” quality concerns have included rubber fragments, glass shards or microbial contamination in liquid medications, Hamburg said.

“Most of these are made at facilities that are very old,” she said.

Because older generic drugs are less profitable than newer, branded ones, there may be only one or two companies still making them, Gogineni says. If one manufacturer shuts down, that leaves a huge void.

She says she’s concerned about manufacturers prioritizing the most profitable drugs, rather than the most life-saving.

pinkshitSeems to me that if the mechanisms that caused cancer were found, and this beastly disease stopped for good, a whole lot of people would lose a whole lot of money. It’s a damned industry. I’m tired of cute little ribbons and pink blenders and just pink shitty crap.

Cure the damned disease already.

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