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I'm blogging thisIt’s obvious to me now that I haven’t yet found my voice. This blog WILL change drastically, but I’m just not sure how yet.

It’s difficult to find a voice when I have so many different interests and areas of expertise. Do I write about my musical life? Do I write about my needlework? What about being a cancer survivor, or triathlete, cookie baker or runner? For any blog to be successful and fun to read, I have to know who I want to appeal to, and if I’m trying to appeal to everybody, I’ll appeal to nobody.

There is so much to learn about writing blog posts, headlines, and link descriptions. I’m rapidly realizing that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to avoid all those English Composition classes back in my school days! But at the same time, the internet is making information so much more available, and I can always learn something new. In addition to writing, I have to learn about search engine optimization, e-mail lists, web hosting platforms, you name it.

One of the great sources I’ve found is The Renegade Blog. Blogger and trainer Eric Walker writes,

Ditch the jargon, and just be clear.

You don’t need to be persuasive if you can communicate clearly.

Here’s an example of an unclear, full of jargon, makes-no-sense tagline:

“Revenue-focused marketing automation & sales effectiveness solutions unleash collaboration throughout the revenue cycle”


You didn’t understand what that meant just like I didn’t understand what it meant.

The point being: avoid fancy, woo-woo language; avoid complicated business-like language; avoid over the top hype-filled, cliche-ridden language.

OK, so that I can do. Now all I have to do is find out what to write clearly ABOUT. Stay tuned!


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  1. I enjoyed the article. If you write it they will come. Instead of worrying about finding your ideal niche right now. Let your niche find you. I wrote about everything of interest to me over the last 5 months. And amazingly, the people who liked what I was writing all fell into a basic category. There are a few who like me who don’t quite fit, but they are very welcome to join in. I like your style…easy listening. Good luck and God Bless

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