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When you are expecting a baby, it’s easy to think about all the plans you have to make to prepare for another very needy little human coming into your life. But there is something else you should think about before you go to the delivery room. And yes, it relates to treating cancer and a whole bunch of other diseases as well.

Expecting a baby

I was made aware of the Cord Blood Center by someone there who read my blog, and because I felt it was important I wanted to get the word out as widely as possible. I’m all for any treatment that shows real promise in curing any kind of disease. As for cancer, it’s still on the prowl. I lost one friend this week, and another has had a recurrence of that nasty evil thing.

What is the benefit of cord blood?

According to the website, umbilical cord blood is full of stem cells that can be used for many different medical applications. The process has been used for 20 years, and the field of “regenerative medicine” is just in its infancy (no pun intended.) I was going to list some of the diseases that can be treated, but good lord, it’s a very long list and I haven’t even heard of most of them. Let’s just say, this blood is very useful stuff, and it should not go to waste.

How does the blood bank work?

First of all, donating is an entirely painless procedure for mother and baby. After all, we don’t need those things anymore anyway, right? The really great thing is that you can choose to donate either for the general population, or specifically for your child. If you choose to donate publicly, it is free. If you wish to keep the cord blood for your child, there is a cost involved, but there are several charities that will help with costs, especially in cases of medical need.

How do I contact The Cord Blood Bank?

Their website is, or you can call 1.888.780.2885. Spread the word!


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