A Brief Interview

You can’t fight Google. When I started this blog, there were already a bunch of places on the internet where my name pops up. But you’d think that if I search for my own name, that the first thing that should appear is kristiseehafer.com. You would be wrong. And who knew that there are TWO Kristi Seehafers, and we are both musicians. Weird…

Why fight it? At least my blog is now the fifth thing that Google finds, so I must be doing something right.

The first two things that pop up are parts one and two of an interview I did for the Nashville Symphony. Part one is about my musical experiences, and part two is about my cancer experiences. It’s really difficult for me to watch myself, and even harder to put it out there for even more people to see, but I feel strongly enough about the purpose of my blog that I’m getting over it.

If you watch these videos you will get a better idea of who I am and what I’m all about, so ¬†instead of writing, I’ll speak for myself.


Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Kristi! I was your slow walking partner at the women’s half marathon sept 2012?? Not sure of the year. I wondered how you were. You look great! So looks like health news is better for you! Drop me an email. Lesliedurham@comcast.net

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